Philly Bocce - A Really Good Excuse to be Social!

Art Museum (GLOW)


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Game Location:

Art Museum,

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the Bishop's Collar,



The Glow Bocce League in Philly takes place in front of the Art Museum.  NEON SHIRTS, GLOW STICKS AND GLOWING BALLS INCLUDED!!!  Registration will end on September 25th and the league will begin on Wednesday, October 2nd.

GLOW Bocce is back this Fall!

by Commish on

Oooh Yeah!! Glow Bocce gearing up for play this Fall! This league is for our social Butterflies (or Fireflies) looking to play with some cool people, and have a great time doing it. Glow Bocce is super laid back, and chill, this is not a competitive league by anymeans, seriously guys, we’re playing the dark here.

Sign up for a Glow Bocce today!!! Join as a team, small group, or as a free agent, we’ve got the spot for you!

Glow Bocce is Coming for you!

by Commish on

Remember back to those crazy college days of black light parties and glow raves and how much fun we all had.

Well jump forward to today and imagine those glory days while playing bocce. That’s right GLOW BOCCE is coming to you Baltimore! Play bocce while the balls GLOW, the players GLOW, the cones GLOW and then we will head to our sponsor bar for an all night GLOW RAVE PARTY!!!

Things are going to be crazy, you’re going to meet lots of new people and have the best time of your adult social sport life, so sign up today!

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